Incorporated on August 12, 2013, RadiaSoft LLC is a small business in Boulder, Colorado. We have eleven PhD physicists on staff – all experts in parallel simulation of high-power beams, plasmas, laser pulses and associated radiation sources. Our software development team designs intuitive browser-based GUIs for technical applications, with extensive expertise in wrapping legacy software via application containers. We also have highly-qualified consultants who bring additional expertise on demand.

Our employees participate in active collaborations with Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, RadiaBeam Technologies LLC, Argonne National Laboratory, SLAC National Accelerator Lab, Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility, Texas A&M University and UCLA.

Our Staff


Open Source

RadiaSoft is committed to open source software. Open source reduces R&D costs while offering many advantages over proprietary or otherwise closed source development. With open source, scientists and engineers can verify the underlying algorithms being used. Concern regarding future access to the source code is eliminated. The user community can contribute bug fixes and new features.

  1. All of our applications are openly developed on GitHub.
  2. RadiaSoft’s intuitive browser-based GUIs are developed using HTML5 technologies, including CSS, SVG and the JavaScript libraries AngularJS and D3.js
  3. RadiaSoft’s secure server side software is built on the Python frameworks Flask, Celery and RabbitMQ
  4. Applications on the server run inside Docker containers