Sirepo is an open source cloud-based software framework which provides a convenient and user-friendly web-interface for scientific codes.

RadiaSoft works closely with authors of simulation codes and our beta users to create modern, easy-to-use GUI applications that reveal the power of the code without overwhelming the user.

Sirepo has already been integrated with a number of important scientific codes for:

  • Charged particle beams: Warp, Elegant
  • X-rays and EUV: SRW, SHADOW

To see Sirepo in action, visit the Sirepo landing page.

For details on the technologies underlying the Sirepo framework, visit:

We are always looking for partners interested in integrating new codes.

Open Source

RadiaSoft is committed to open source software. Open source reduces R&D costs while offering many advantages over proprietary or otherwise closed source development. With open source, scientists and engineers can verify the underlying algorithms being used. Concern regarding future access to the source code is eliminated. The user community can contribute bug fixes and new features.

  1. All of our applications are openly developed on GitHub.
  2. RadiaSoft’s intuitive browser-based GUIs are developed using HTML5 technologies, including CSS, SVG and the JavaScript libraries AngularJS and D3.js
  3. RadiaSoft’s secure server side software is built on the Python frameworks Flask, Celery and RabbitMQ
  4. Applications on the server run inside Docker containers

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